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Scientology : From the word "science" . Meaning...Nothing there is no meaning to that word . It was made-up to "create" cash for a downtrodden fiction writer .

Creates : Meaning..."To bring into existence"..."God"..."To produce through imaginative skill" .;.. Rage...Insanity...Ecstasy with Enthusiasm. Sound Familiar?

On this blog I will post my three posts I wrote last winter . They were written as a warning to anyone who was thinking about Scientology as a alternative religion or looking for answers . "The Church" is a truly evil source ! Scientology has many hidden arms . for eg: "Narconon" a deadly trade of one habit for another . "Applied Scholastics" , helping your child or your self into a life of slavery !

I was warned to stop posting "Untruths" about "The Church" in some crazy worded e-mails , so poorly written I thought they were written by Tom himself . He's dyslexic ya know !? Hey I'm not the best writer either !

Remember be carefully when looking for answers cause some people are more than happy to give them to you... And so WALLYCRAWLER presents...

Let Me Tell Ya A Story...

...About a guy named Xenu a poor Galaxian Overlord barely could keep his hundreds on billions fed !

Then one day he came up with an idea ...
"Kill Them All"!

75 million years ago Xenu was an Overlord in charge of 76 planets . He and a group of "Loyal Officers" were the government on these worlds . One of these planets was the one we live on , but back then Earth was called Teegeeack . The problem was all the planets were over populated . Over 178 billion on each planet . The evil Xenu had a plan . Get rid of the overpopulation . He and a group of renegades came up with a plan to kill billions of people . He brought everyone together with an income tax inspections rouse . Then with the help of psychiatrists , injected his flock with a serum of alcohol and glycol , thus paralysing his people . He then rounded up all the paralyzed people and put them into rocket planes . They looked like DC8's without props . He had the "DC8 rocket space planes" fly to Teegeeack , [ Earth remember ! ] . He had all the hundreds of zillions of paralyzed people placed around the volcanoes of Teegeeack . Xenu "da Evil One" then had his followers drop nukes into the volcanoes , then the despicable Overlord exploded the bombs all at once . "KABOOM"!!!

That's not the end of the story . Now we all know when you die there is a soul [ back then a soul was called a thetan] . Xenu was way to smart to have all these souls flying about ! So he made a machine to grab all these thetans . An electronic beam machine , a "flypaper type device" . He trapped all the thetans in some gizmo and forced the souls to watch 3D movies in large cinamas . The movies were about God , Jesus Christ , and of coarse Da Devil [ Boo] . These 3D movies lasted days and brainwashed the poor thetans . Now all these thetans were very confused [ I dunno about you I am too ] and the souls started getting clustered together in same thinking type lots . The thetans became so clustered that the groups of souls became one thinking soul ... Thetan... Type thingy . The thetan clusters started to inhabit the bodies of the remaining few people who survived the nuclear explosions . Guess who the survivors were ? Cavemen that's who ! TADA ...Get'n it yet ? Come'n along now right !? So everybody living today has one of these clustered thetans [ it's called a "Body Thetan" ] living inside us .

Well years latter Xenu was overthrown by the good "Loyal Officers" and he was locked away in a mountain on a secret planet , were he still resides today . Don't be scared he can't get out cause he is guarded by a force-field powered by an eternal battery . DEE END.

Like the story ? What da fuck ya mean it's a stupid story ?

Well I borrowed the story from L. Ron Hubbard and his religion . It's called Scientology ! I also borrowed the story from a web site called Operation Clambake .

People who believe in Scientology don't know this story , at least most don't . They aren't told of this crap until they become OT-III , "The Wall Of Fire" , that's L . Ron Hubbard speak for highly enlightened . L. Ron Said to attain this level is like going through a wall of fire ! In the con game it's called the big switcheroo . When you can't get anymore money from "the game" ya have to tell the " mark" , " The Real Truth" ! In the weeks that follow I will expose the "Truths" , the myths and the celebrities that make up one of the largest "Cults" in America . Hope Ya Stay Tuned Da Wallycrawler .

Celibraties & Da "Church"

Let me say most people who get involved with the church of Scientology come in with good intentions , but some come in to get ahead in the entertainment field . The path of evil is paved with good intentions ! Believe it or not "The Church" can make ya or break ya in Hollywood ! Everyone in the "church" has heard of the "body thetan" story and they don't believe it's true because they haven't attained that level of "enlightenment" . They come and go as "payers" the light goers and are looked at by higher levels as irrational and not enlightened beings . Celebrities that have attained OT-III (The Wall Of Fire) and over are , Tom Cruise , John Travolta , Kirsty Alley , Priscilla Presley ... etc . Some are Directors , Producers , Studio Chiefs some with very familiar names , some are acting coaches , teachers , writers ... Why did so many Actors and movie moguls become Scientologist's ? L. Ron Hubbard started the "church" in the LA and San Francisco area by design . He and his followers from San Fransisco , came down to Los Angeles to introduce his techniques of "advanced levels of spiritual truth" to entertainers in the 1950's because he knew them to be highly susceptible and highly visible ! He knows celebrities have secrets and he could control and use them if he had "evidence" of their "after work activities" . Also who better to preach to the masses than a famous person ! It was all designed to bring middle class folk into the sect . People who have liquid assets , lots of time , who are looking for meaning in their lives , yuppies who are simple enough to follow "Stars" into a cult . "Lemmings" ! Let's face it most celebrities aren't very smart and most have an ego of gargantuan size . So when they are sold something they tend to stay sold . Their ego's tend to make them think they are intelligent and besides who wants to look like a sucker in front of the world ! Did ya ever hear some of these ego-manics ? Did you see Tom Cruise chastise Matt Lauer on the Today Show ? "Matt you don't understand I know the real truth about psychiatry" This coming from a "dyslexic high school drop-out" ! Where would Tom Cruise learn about psychiatry ? At the "church" maybe ? LRH has no friends in the field of psychiatry that's for sure . Doctors have been part of deprogramming Scientologist's since it's conception . That book LRH wrote in the 50's "Dianetics" is the bases of his mind warping techniques . Using this book he could break into your mind and control your thoughts . Reading and practicing "Dianetics" is for a lack of a better word "dangerous" . Closing your "rational" mind and opening up your "irrational" mind is crazy . I dunno about you my brain ain't to be tampered with .

When a person is finished his or her "auditing" , [that being having their mind go from rational to irrational the first form of brainwashing ] and their studies , they are taken to a large board room . There they are introduced to a "committee" . In the board room you must confess all . This is called a "committee of evidence" . Everything you have done in your life and what secrets you may have . The "committee" promises to keep these secrets . If you refuse to confess at this "committee of evidence" you are deemed a "suppressive person" and could be shunned . This can have devastating effects if you have family in the "church" ! When a member tries to solve his problems with the "church" they have a place to sort out "your thoughts" . One of these places is a ship [out in the middle of the ocean your gonna sort things out ?] "The Freewinds" . If the member still has misgivings you are marked antisocial and shunned. There is a great many people who have been shunned by the "Church of Scientology . Some have lost all their family and friends . So you could see why many people just summit to the training and confess .
A funny thing happens to people who leave a cult like Scientology they become institutionalized they keep ties in the "church" and keep hold of beliefs long shown to be lies .

If and when you leave they will use these secrets to keep your mouth shut or to keep you in the "church" . More than one top Hollywood star has tried to leave the "church" after attaining OT-III . There are many a story when Travolta tried leaving after he was told the story of Xenu . John seems to have secrets to hide ! We all know what he has to hide and who really cares ? If you ask me coming out would be freeing and something to celebrate . It could revive his very dead career, but I think he has gone to far "in" now . He looks and acts "Crazed" ! Travolta and Cruise have completed OT-VII . Madness has set in and both are totally lost in this crap .

The human mind is a mystery to me ! It's not to people like L. Ron Hubbard . He was taught techniques from a person in his past . A person of great power and will . In my next post I will reveal who that person in his past is . Stay Tuned ...Sa WALLYCRAWLER .

Bellow I will post a site that has a good size list of who belongs to the Church of Scientology :

The Secret Scientologist's ?

Sonny Bono ? He was in and his widow is in still!

Charles Manson ! No question mark here Charlie was a Scientologist ! Don't believe me read "Helter Skelter" .

Organisations to Stay Away From :
" Narconon " : If you have a problem seek help elsewhere ! Try AA cause if you go here one addiction will lead to another !
" Applied Scholastics " : Don't even think about getting help for grades here unless ya want to teach the
" E-Meter " !

Da "Father"...

Da Father

The Church of Scientology has made an elaborate story of L. Ron Hubbard's Nobel blood . In truth LRH's family was lower middle-class , way lower , like poor . His father was a simple white-collar clerk , with debts . LRH grew up in this surrounding , not as a former family member of royalty as his followers are taught . At a young age Ron was married and had two children . Soon later LRH turned to the navy . LRH became a navel Captain . Just before the war ended Ron became hospitalized . Not with war injuries as followers preach , but for mental fatigue . He was dismissed two weeks after the end of WWII . Ron started writing mostly Sci-fi novels and short stories . All were seen as poor , weak , stories with little or no changing story line . His writings were mostly featured in "Astounding Science Fiction Magazine" . "Not really a great feat" . Funny thing though his biggest "flunky" came from this mag , the editor of "Astounding Si-Fi magazine" .

During my research of the "Church" , the same theme keeps coming up L. Ron Hubert's involvement with Aleister Crow
ley "The Beast 666" , "To Mega Therion" . For those who don't know , Aleister Crowley was the the most famous Satanist of the 20th century . Crowley was the founder of the group , "Ordo Templi Orientis" Or "OTO" and before that "Argenteum Astrum" . Crowley a "Warlock of black magick" was a student of mind control and a practiced hedonism . Crowley wrote a great deal of Occult books including , "Moonchild [the foretelling of the Anti-Christ ] , The Equinox [The Review of Scientific Illuminism ] . "Sound familiar" ? "It should it's what L. Ron Hubbard's based Dianetics on" ! Crowley also wrote commentaries on Tarot , Astrology and Kabbalah [ Jewish witchcraft] . John Whiteside Parsons was a student of Crowley's . He was also a scientist . "A scientist , occultist , nice combo" ! John or "Jack" to his friends , was introduced to LRH at a meeting at his house in South Orange Grove in Pasadena . It was also the meeting house of "OTO" . Jack was just separated from his wife and had taken up with her blond 18yr old sister Betty [ Sara ] . He took great pleasure in passing her around the "club" . Jack and Ron became great friends and soon afterwards business partners . Also soon afterwards Ron started an affair with Sara . Suffice it to say his involvement with this organization Ron Sr. came up with his techniques of mind control . He was also involved with Jack Parson's attempt to father the Anti-Christ , or what Crowley called the "Moonchild" . After a night out in the Mojave desert Jack and Ron meet the woman who consented to have the "Moonchild" , she was the blood red haired woman Crowley prophisized . Her name was Marjorie Cameron a lune to the 1st. degree ! She soon went by the name , "Whore of Babylon" as in Crowley's writings . Some people believe that child lives today as the now head of the "Church" , David Miscavige . I don't the dates don't match up .

"I know this is sounding preposterous ! The stories around this cult are all crazy ! And I'm leaving out millions of back stories" !

After Ron became partners with his "friend" Jack , Ronny absconded away [with Sara in tow] with thousands of dollars . Jack did finally get some of his money back but not until Ron spent most of it . In Florida , where he and Sara hid , he sued the Veterans Administration for fake medical damages during the war . He settled for tens of dollars per mouth . He and Sara were also married , trouble was he wasn't divorced from his first wife . "This guy was just a piece of work" ! Around 1948 Ron started writing his "masterpiece" Dianetics . In April 1950"Astounding Science Fiction Magazine" announced L. Ron Hubbart has made astounding discoveries with his next book "Dianetics" . "He has a technique of psychotherapy to cure insanity ...That insanity is contagious not hereditary ... A technique to cure ulcers , asthma , arthritis ...and other diseases . A technique that gives a man a perfect , indelible , total memory and perfect , errorlessability to compute his problems" ! On May 1950 AS SiFi Magazine printed the first copy of "Dianetics - A New Science Of The Mind" . Isaac Asimov called it "Freudian Crap" . I call it theft . A thief of a "Satanist's Ideas" .

I think L. Ron Hubbard is a charlatan , a fraud , a terrific con artist , and a genius thief . He learned his skills from the master occultist of the twentieth century Alister Crowley . He stole almost ever idea Crowley had , including his controlling techniques , but he couldn't steal Crowley's largest asset his wit and charm [ from what I understand ]. He was a con man with no moral servitude and a coward who died alone in a room a total recluse . A mad corrupt villain , hated . A total scum-bag who raped women and some say his own flesh and blood [ his son L . Ron Hubbard Jr. ] .

L. Ron Hubbard has many quotes , my favorite is . "If a man wanted to make a million dollars , the best way to do it would be to start his own religion" ! Enuff said Da Wallycrawler .

The 3 posts I wrote I merely scratched the surface . I tried to summarize what I had read in the last 2-3 months . If anyone is interested in reading the truth about this dangerous "cult" . I highly recommend these web site... : Operation Clambake . : FACT Net

Also the most eerie of all the , OT-8 Documents . Where the "Church" revels it's true origin . A Satanist Cult . : FACT Net

Fame Buys Your Soul:

Famous Scientologists (source)
John Travolta - actor
Chick Corea - influential American jazz pianist and composer
Brandy (Norwood) - R&B singer, actress
Tom Cruise - actor, movie star
Nancy Cartwright - voiceover artist best known as voice of "Bart Simpson" on The Simpsons
Jason Beghe - actor
Xavier Deluc - actor
Jason Dohring - actor
Michael Fairman - actor
Geoffrey Lewis - actor
Christopher Masterson - actor
Danny Masterson - actor
Haywood Nelson - actor
Eduardo Palomo - actor
Jeff Pomerantz - actor
Patrick Renna - actor
Giovanni Ribisi - (a.k.a. Vonni Ribisi) actor
Michael D. Roberts - actor
Bodhi Elfman - actor
Jason Lee - actor and professional skateboarder
Kirstie Alley - actress
Mimi Rogers - actress (2nd generation)
Anne Archer - actress
Jennifer Aspen - actress
Catherine Bell - actress
Erika Christensen - actress
Jenna Elfman - actress
Katie Holmes - actress
Kimberley Kates - actress
Juliette Lewis - actress
Priscilla Presley - actress
Leah Remini - actress
Marissa Ribisi - actress
Michelle Stafford - actress
Karen Black - actress
Kelly Preston - actress
Kate Ceberano - actress and musician
Judy Norton-Taylor - actress and musician
Lisa Marie Presley - singer; daughter of Elvis Presley
Billy Sheehan - rock and fusion bass player
David Campbell - musician
Dave Davies - musician
Isaac Hayes - musician
Nicky Hopkins - musician
Mark Isham - musician
David Pomeranz - musician
Rob Thomas - musician
Patrick Warren - musician
Edgar Winter - musician
Beck - singer (a.k.a. Beck Hansen)
Carina Ricco - singer, actress, composer
Gloria Rusch-Novello - singer, writer, composer
Karen Nelson Bell - producer, director and musician
Robert Zoller - author
Floyd Mutrux - screenwriter, director, producer
Terry Jastrow - TV producer and director
Peter Medak - film director
Carl W. Rohrig - (a.k.a. Pablo Roehrig) painter
Franca Cerveni - radio and television announcer
James T. Sorensen - photographer
Keith Code - motorcycle racing instructor
Megan Shields - physician and author of health books, incl. Arthritis: The Doctor's Cure, etc.
Chaka Khan - singer
Sonny Bono - singer ("Sonny and Cher"), U.S. Representative
Mary Bono - widow of Sonny Bono; U.S. Representative
Heber Jentzsch - President of the Church of Scientology
Ernest Lehman - screenwriter of The Sound of Music
Greta Van Susteren - host of On the Record with Greta Van Susteren new show on FOX TV
Werner Erhard - former Scientologist who founded est
David Miscavige - important Church of Scientology religious leader; chairman of the board for Religious Technology Center
Jim Johnson - owner and founder of Mr. Jim's Pizza chain
Lee Purcell - actress, Big Wednesday, etc.
Michael Wiserman - Predator 2, etc.
Gary Imhoff - actor; Thumbelina, etc.
Manu Tupou - actor and acting teacher; Hawaii
Dror Soref - director; The Seventh Coin, etc.
Amanda Ambrose - singer, vocal teacher
Milton Ketselas - one of Hollywood's most successful acting teachers, who heads the Beverly Hills Playhouse
Jim Rogers - celebrity producer, manager (ex-husband of Mimi Rogers)
Linda Blair - actress best known for The Exorcist
Arnaud Boetsch - tennis player
Darius Brubeck - musician, member of "Brubeck Band"
Sharon Case - actress
Glenn Zottola - trumpeter
Andrew Loog Oldham - writer
Dick Zimmerman - celebrity photographer
Jeffrey Tambor - actor
Eddie Deezen - actor
Corin Nemec - actor
Anita Mally - actress, screenwriter
Julia Migenes - opera singer
Lightfield Lewis - actor, director
Charles Lakes - Olympic gymnast
Laura Prepon - actress
Helga Wagner - jewelry designer; dated Prince Charles and Sen. Ted Kennedy
Deborah Rennard - actress
Sofia Milos - actress
Placido Domingo, Jr. - singer
Robert F. Lyons - actor and drama teacher
Carolyn Judd - ad writer and producer
Paul Haggis - screenwriter, story editor, TV producer
Josele Garza - racing car driver from Mexico
Lenny Macaluso - musician, songwriter, producer
Phillipe de Henning - racing driver, fashion designer
Milton Katselas - acting teacher, director
Maxine Nightingale - singer
Mario Feninger - composer and concert pianist
Jeffrey Scott - script writer, grandson of Moe Howard
Pamela Roberts - actress, clothes designer
Elena Roggero - Italian singer, songwriter
Karen Nelson-Bell - producer
Lamia Khashoggi - wife of wealthy and famous Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi
Noelle North - dancer, voice-over actress
Misha Segal - composer
Andrik Schapers - singer from Netherlands
Cass Warner - writer
Jason Lee - actor ("Chasing Amy")
Michelle Stafford - actress ("The Young and the Restless")
Denice Duff - actress ("The Young and the Restless")
Lynsey Bartilson - actress ("Grounded for Life")
Tom Fair - (a.k.a. Tom Feher) lyrcist for the 60s rock group the Left Banke
Moon Martin - rock star; "Bad Case of Lovin' You"
Clive Clerk - actor, singer
Jim McMullin - actor
Michael Wiseman - child actor ("Predator 2")
Ludwig Fisher - actor and artist
Ryan Paris - singer, musician
Michael Schnitzler - violinist
Peter Winsnes - actor
Eric Sherman - director
Peter Schless - composer, synthetisist and producer
Diana Venegas - beauty queen; Miss Venezuela; lace-gowns boutique in Beverly Hills
Jackson Sousa - Hollywood celebrity trainer
Michael Sellers - concert pianist
Susie Coelho - actress
Hans Gunter Arenz - race car driver
Fermin Sanchez - race car driver
Kit Carson - motorcycle racer
Al DiMeola - jazz musician
Janet Greeson - owner of Diet Centers
Willie B. Wilson - oil billionaire
Tony Morales - drummer with the Rippingtons
Hossam Ramzy - North African percussion ensemble leader, played with Peter Gabriel
Amanda Rice - (formerly "Raven") stripper; previously Kiefer Sutherland's girlfriend Current Status in Scientology Is Unknown:
Bernadette Peters - actress
Jerry Seinfeld - comedian
Nicole Kidman - actress
Neil Gaiman - science fiction and comic book writer
Shirley MacLaine - actress (may have never been a member)
Harry Kipper - (a.k.a. Martin von Haselberg) performance artist, husband of singer Bette Midler
Amy Heckerling - director
Gottfried Helnwein - graphic artist
Wings Hauser - actor
Melanie - folk singer
Gloria Swanson - actress
Eden Vanning - violinist
Helena Rojo - Mexican singer
Sasha Malinin - Russian pop star
Helaine Lembeck - actress
Kim Yates - softcore "adult film" actress
Tony Jacklin - pro golfer Past Adherents not Currently in Scientology: * Oliver Stone - film director * J.D. Salinger - popular, acclaimed novelist for his novel The Catcher in the Rye * Brad Pitt - actor * William S. Burroughs - author and Beat Generation icon * Christopher Reeve - actor who played "Superman" * Van Morrison - influential singer, songwriter, musician (lapsed) * Soleil Moon Frye - actress best known as "Punky Brewster" * Sharon Stone - actress * Peggy Lipton - actress * Mikhail Baryshnikov - ballet dancer * Patrick Swayze - actor * Kate Capshaw - actress, Steven Spielberg's wife * Rock Hudson - actor, movie star * Emilio Estevez - actor * John Brodie - football player * Don Simpson - producer, Top Gun, etc. * Candice Bergen - actress, star of TV series Murphy Brown, Boston Public, etc. (may have not actually been a member) * Leonard Cohen - songwriter, poet * Stanley Clarke - jazz bassist * Darby Crash - punk rocker * Ricky Martin - singer * Olivia D'Abo - actress * Cathy Lee Crosby - actress * Gloria Gaynor - singer and "disco queen" * Howard Wilkins - founder of Pizza Hut * Diana Canova - singer, actress * Raven de la Croix - stripper, psychic, actress * Gabor Szabo - jazz guitarist and composer (died 1982) * A.E. van Vogt - science fiction writer * Ingo Swann - writer, psychic, painter * Barbara Carrera - actress * Frank Stallone - actor, singer, songwriter; brother of Sylvester Stallone * Michael Garson - musician who toured with David Bowie * Michael Edwards - male model, former boyfriend of Priscilla Presley * Peter Lupus - actor (Mission Impossible TV series) * Al Jarreau - singer * Wendon Swift - Hollywood author, manager * Bobby Lipton - actor * Dini Petty - talk show host * Demi Moore - actress * Kalle Pohl - comedian * Bert Salzman - producer; won Academy Award in 1975 for a short film and thanked L. Ron Hubbard in speech * Bernhard Paul - clown, manager of "Circus Roncalli" * Harold Puthoff - mathematician, physicist, ESP researcher * The Incredible String Band - musicians, band * Lee Konitz - jazz musician * Stephen Boyd - actor * Joan Prather - actress * Leif Garrett - pop star * Carlos Palomino - athlete * Bruce Penhall - actor * Lou Rawls - soul music, jazz, and blues singer * John Dalmas - science fiction writer * Michael Lembeck - actor, director * Mickey McMeel - Three Dog Knight drummer * Cynthia Sikes - actress * Gordon Lightfoot - singer, composer, lyricist * Dale Haddon - actress, model * Chick Vennera - actor * Joan DiVito Vennera - actor * Flo Allen - major Hollywood agent * Hunter Carson - actor * Penny Perry - casting director * Ed Love - * Steven Boyd - * Lisa Blount - actress * Aldous Huxley - writer * Josh Dohnen - agent * Anne Francis - actress * Eileen Brennan - actress * Horst Buchholtz - actor * Tom Skeritt - actor * Nan Herst Bowers - celebrity, publicist * John Longenecker - Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker * Kathleen Brown - ran for governor of California (not clear if she was official member) * Maude Adams - actress, model * Charles Manson - infamous serial killer Religion: Scientology Source: (; viewed 5 July 2005) NOTE: Consult the following list cautiously. The "religion" field has been known to be inaccurate at times. Name Occupation Birth Death Known for Kirstie Alley Actor 12-Jan-1951 Rebecca from Cheers Anne Archer Actor 25-Aug-1947 Fatal Attraction Beck Musician 8-Jul-1970 Loser Catherine Bell Actor 14-Aug-1968 Sarah MacKenzie on JAG Karen Black Actor 1-Jul-1942 Five Easy Pieces Trevor Bolder Guitarist 9-Jun-1950 Uriah Heap bassist Brandy Musician 11-Feb-1979 R&B singer turned sitcom star Nancy Cartwright Actor 25-Oct-1959 Voice of Bart Simpson Erika Christensen Actor 19-Aug-1982 Caroline in Traffic Chick Corea Jazz Musician 12-Jun-1941 Jazz keyboardist Tom Cruise Actor 3-Jul-1962 Flamboyant Scientologist Eddie Deezen Actor 6-Mar-1957 Mr. Potato Head in Wargames Bodhi Elfman Actor 19-Jul-1968 Son of an Elfman Jenna Elfman Actor 30-Sep-1971 Freaky chick on Dharma and Greg Frank Kelly Freas Artist 22-Aug-1922 2-Jan-2005 Illustrator of science fiction and fantasy Doug E. Fresh Rapper 17-Sep-1966 Rap artist Soleil Moon Frye Actor 6-Aug-1976 Punky Brewster Isaac Hayes Musician 20-Aug-1942 Black Moses, also Chef on South Park Amy Heckerling Film Director 7-May-1954 Fast Times At Ridgemont High Katie Holmes Actor 18-Dec-1978 Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek L. Ron Hubbard Religion 13-Mar-1911 24-Jan-1986 Perpetrated Dianetics, Scientology Jason Lee Actor 25-Apr-1970 Mall Rats Juliette Lewis Actor 21-Jun-1973 Natural Born Killers Chris Masterson Actor 22-Jan-1980 Francis on Malcolm in the Middle Danny Masterson Actor 13-Mar-1976 Hyde on That 70's Show David Miscavige Religion 1960 Leader of the Church of Scientology Corin Nemec Actor 5-Nov-1971 Parker Lewis Can't Lose Judy Norton-Taylor Actor 29-Jan-1958 The Waltons Liz Phair Musician 17-Apr-1967 Exile in Guyville Laura Prepon Actor 7-Mar-1980 Donna on That 70's Show Lisa Marie Presley Musician 1-Feb-1968 Daughter of Elvis Presley Priscilla Presley Actor 24-May-1945 Elvis's wife Kelly Preston Actor 13-Oct-1962 What a Girl Wants Leah Remini Actor 15-Jun-1970 Old School Giovanni Ribisi Actor 17-Dec-1974 Sky Captain's Dex Dearborn Mimi Rogers Actor 27-Jan-1956 Someone To Watch Over Me Billy Sheehan Guitarist 19-Mar-1953 Former Mr. Big bassist Ethan Suplee Actor 25-May-1976 Frankie on Boy Meets World Gabor Szabo Jazz Musician 8-Mar-1936 26-Feb-1982 Innovative jazz guitarist John Travolta Actor 18-Feb-1954 Saturday Night Fever Greta Van Susteren Journalist 11-Jun-1955 Fox News journalist, plastic surgery victim Edgar Winter Musician 28-Dec-1946 Albino rock star Woody Woodmansey Drummer c. 1951 Drummer for The Spiders From Mars People who have been reported as having connections to Scientology, but have apparently never actually been Scientologists: - Courtney Love - credited Scientology-associated group Narconon in the liner notes of one of her CDs, but she was not a Church member Premiere Magazine (September 1993), pp. 85-92. URL:
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L>T said...

Wally i remember reading those. Those post got me curious about that religion & of course all the Tom Cruise Hoopola.

when I first read it I thot you were bullshitting The scary thing is it's true.

Question for you; Why are you so interested in exposing these frauds?

wallycrawler said...

OK here's a true story about "Da Church" . Jenna Elfman , a second generation Scientologist , was asked to give to an AIDS foundation . Her response "I don't give to any medical research" ! "All diseases are a frame of mind" ! "I don't believe in AIDS or any other diseases" !

There has been countless Scientologists die because they didn't take medication . Also many others who didn't take their meds for a mental disorder (Tom Cruise comes to mind)!
At the top of the "Da Father" post there's a poster of some of "Scientology's Successes" ! That's a short list there are many more , all dead , with no fanfare .

If I could persuade just one person to stay on their medication for their disorders , it would be worth it ! Imagine if my daughter stopped taking her insulin . She would die within a year , emaciated !

This organization is much more than "frauds" they are white slavers , thieves and murderers !

I guess that's why...?!

L>T said...

Good anuff!

Anonymous said...

Crowley the big satanic father?
Get real and doing some research on the subjects and other people mentioned (outside Cientology) might help you in not posting childish stories.

wallycrawler said...

Sure !

OK I'll have to watch what I write .

I've back-up everything that's posted with proof .

If you ever have the guts to watch or read other's posts , beside mine , you know I wasn't posting "childish stories" .

Also you'd might wanna make a comment by using your name or blog . Do the big reveal , anonymous !?

Sorry for your loss of mind , "follower" !

wallycrawler said...

Hey Anonymous !

Now what do ya have'ta say about what I wrote ? Seems I'm not the only one with the same facts about Scientology !

Rolling Stone magazine backs up everything I wrote ! F'n loser !

tkkerouac said...

You are very very creative.

wallycrawler said...

This is all L.Ron not me !

I'm just state'n the facts .

Anonymous said...

one day long ago the church of scientology kidnapped me,said they werent going to let me out of the hot tiny room until i had signed the paper they had set in front of me

wallycrawler said...

that's nice.

Anonymous said...

Hello, i think that i saw you visited my website so i came to "return the favor".Im trying to find things to enhance my website!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!